DISCLAIMER: By playing on our servers you agree to our rules and agree to follow instructions given by any and all staff members. Refusal to do so may result in punishment (mute, kick, temporary ban, permanent ban).


Any use of software/programs considered cheating or hacking is prohibited.

• Do not use any glitches in the game or a mod, this will be considered cheating.
• Use of homophobic or racist words/actions/terms is NOT allowed.
• Do not be toxic or go out of your way to ruin another players’ experience.

• Do not Advertise.

• Do not impersonate or disrespect any staff member.

• Do not threaten to DDOS the server.

• Do not log out of a player's base to gain a raid advantage.

• Do not log out from the server when engaged in Combat.

• Do not ask Admins to spawn you in items, use their abilities to assist you, or to help you in any way that may be deemed unfair to other players.

• Do not falsely accuse another player of cheating without proof (this includes both in game and in the Discord).

• Meta-gaming is not allowed. (stating your killers position or other players position on side chat. This includes stream sniping)

• Do not log out after death to circumvent the spawn limitation on death (this includes logging out after death to reset the available spawns).

• Do not talk about controversial topics in the in game chat. If you want to talk about it join a discord voice. We don't want to limit your speech but we will if it becomes a problem.

• Please try not to use the name Survivor as you may be kicked from the server.

• Please don't use another clans tag as it can result in a kick and a request to change your name.

• Do not invite a player into your party just to kill backstab.

• Do not farm clan members or team mates for dog tags.

•Do not accuse others without proof. If there is no video evidence provided, the admins will not be able to act against the accused. The game logs do not record everything


You Should record while you raidto protect you from any possible claims of glitching, griefing, or any other unfair play.

• You cannot code lock another base while raiding in a effort to make it harder on the owners

• You are not allowed to purposely despawn the owners loot

• If you are the owner of a base and you give up trying to fight the attackers you are allowed to log out with what you want but the
attackers have free range of your base (within rules).

• Destroying tents inside a base to get the loot is acceptable as long as you have video evidence of you destroying the tent with the intent to either use or sell most of the gear inside, not to just despawn everything.

• You can only officially take over a base when the base has been officially abandoned. A base is only considered officially abandoned when no one from the previous occupants have been inside the base or built on the base for a minimum of 10 days.

• Player stacking is allowed, but object stacking is not.

• You cannot use watch towers to raid bases.

• Do not glitch into bases/buildings/tents/etc.

• Do not use objects to boost glitch into bases, tents, or buildings. You also can not use blueprints to raid.

• You can only raid trough doors and gates.

• You can raid to get into the base, you cannot dismantle base parts for materials.

• Intentionally taking items out of players containers just to have them despawn is considered griefing

• DO NOT Completely demo or grief a base

• DO NOT Camp others bases unless you intend on raiding them

• Can not take over other peoples base unless its in police hospital or hunting get your loot and get out.

•Tier one and two can only be destroyed by breaching charge and breaching charge heavy, Tier 3 and 4 Can be Destroyed by heavy codelocks can be cut 2 mins for gates 3 for tents.


• DO NOT Build withing 800km from traders

• DO NOT 600km from military or 1000km coastal roads

• DO NOT Kill freshies or people running to trader from your bases

• Bases that significantly hurt client FPS will be asked and must reduce the size of their base.
• Bases will be classed as abandoned if a player from the base does not log on within 10 Days.

• When building be sure to follow #📌map-zones. Do not build in these zones.

• Do NOT build within 1km of the Safezones

• Do not build a floating base.

• Your base may not have more than 3 Greenhouses.

• Your base Must be Raidable and only use 8 doors and no limit on walls for now.

• Can only have 2 cars at a base.

• Do not use tents to block off entrances of your base.

• Group’s may only have 1 base. If you require a second base please make a #🎫support-tickets stating the reasons why.

• Do not stack storage.

• You must have a player wide gap between each wall/door/gate.

• Max build height is 3 stories and it MUST be connected to foundations

• You may not build on roads or bridges.

• Only 4 code locks per base You're allowed to code off loot rooms per clan member as long as you do not stack storage.

• Can build on skalisky as long as you don't block Military loot regardless of km

Please note these base rules are to make the server better for everyone and to help with server / client performance. If you do not follow the rules, Admins WILL remove your base. Staff will attempt to warn you prior, if you are not available it may be deleted. Admins will do routine sweeps of the map..

We encourage players to build in police and hunting as well as large hostpital as long as you can only build in the top floors to give access to loot small medical buildings are still off limits just to give the sever a more faction feel with the ability to fight over police, hunting and hospital base and compounds for loot, map and city control.


Do not mic spam in the trader.

• Do not steal gear, money, or vehicles inside safezones. This includes stealing from vehicles (from inventory, vehicle parts, etc.)

• Do not "verbally, racially" attack other players in safezone.

• Safezone camping is not allowed, PVP is NOT permitted within 400m of any Safezone.

• Cars that are left in the Safezone unattended for an extended amount of time may be deleted


(WIP) PVE City to loot explore relax grow drugs whatever you want it has donator houses for our donators and also rentable cabins to store loot.

• Unless you are a Donator or a Renter DO NOT build in the city builds will be deleted and tickets will be checked.

• In order to purchase a house or cabin you need to make a ticket and screenshot for proof of purchase.

•Renter Houses: Come in 3 variants solo 100k, solo elite 250k which has a yard and garage and clan 400k for a clan of 5 or less which has a yard and garage if its more than 5 a special request is needed.

• Can use as many from More doors mod to as needed to block entrances no more than needed extras will be deleted.

• Can use one clothing locker a military locker and sea chest per person to prevent loot hoarding in the pvecity admin do daily sweeps.

• Unless you are a renter or donator do not grow in Pve city grow by bases to avoid any mishaps.

•(Coming Soon)Zombies and Animals will spawn more heavily

•(Coming Soon)Membership Area to store loot

•Memberships: Lasts the whole wipe will soon have increased drug and hunting prices for members only comes in variants solo 75k clan 300k for a clan of 5 or less any more and a special request is needed for any memberships make a ticket first.

•NO Combat logging wait 5 mins after last encounter to enter

•(Coming Soon) Car Garage:cars and all vehicle parts are out of the server parts will be added back to be sold at higher prices will be a black market variant also for high end prices

• Do not enter anothers property if caught instant 1 day which doubles everytime.

• If the membership trader or donator areas are left open and you are not a member or donator if caught instant 2 day ban which doubles everytime.

• Any broken rule will result in one warning then 2 day ban which doubles everytime